Fifteen Year Predictions

Today I was lying out in the sun with Igloo (who has settled in as if he always lived here!). And I was watching him sit next to me in all his cute-ness, silently wishing that he could somehow just never grow up. 

He may still not know how to use them most effectively, but his little legs are getting bigger each day. A part of me wishes he would slow down with the growing thing, because I’m just not done with him being the smallest bundle of fur!

Then I catch him digging a hole, and I know it’ll be okay when he’s big enough that I won’t have to worry about him being an escape artist under the fence…

But I got to thinking about how long he’s going to be in my life. And I was a little sad when I realised that if I’m lucky, we are looking at maybe 15 years. Which for me, is simply not long enough. 

This put me onto another train of thought, as I tried to picture where I would be in 15 years. 

You see, comparatively – it seems like such a short amount of time when I think about Igloo, but when I think about me, 15 years couldn’t be further away!

I simply don’t understand how in my mind, one could seem longer than the other. It’s the same amount of time devoted to two different lives. 

I know Igloo will spend the next 15 years most likely eating grass, getting sand stuck in his ears at the beach and being loved beyond measure.

But what will I be doing? What does my life look like in 15 years? I’m very curious to know. 

I guess only time will tell, and that’s a little frustrating for little impatient me. I mean, a lot could really change in 15 years and I’ll only know when I get there. 

But time is precious, and as curious as I am, I would never wish to rush time. 

So for now, I think I’ll channel my inner “One Tree Hill” tin box in a brick wall, and settle for writing a list of predictions for the year 2031 (which sounds like another lifetime away). 

In 2031, I predict that:

• I will be married, and happily married at that!
• I will have a child, or maybe even two, to keep my hands full and my heart even more so.
• I will have made CN at work, and loved every moment of it.
• I will have finished my Nurse Practitioner degree, maybe i’ll even be lucky enough to be working as one in emergency, or in a clinic!
• I will own a soccer mum car, and happily fill it with orange slices every Saturday morning for the big game.
• Igloo will be by my side, grey hairs and all. Still as adorable as ever.
• I will have a house with enough room for my shoe collection!
• I will have ticked at least 15 more things off my Bucket List.
• I will have travelled more, and seen some of the most beautiful parts of this world.
• And I will take time each week, no matter how busy its been, to sit down by the beach with my Mr., watch the sun set, and cherish every moment.

I think it will be so special to look back at this post in 15 years and simply see how far I’ve come. Life is everchanging, and we really don’t know what’s in store for us. But we can hope for the best version of our lives. 

I am guaranteed to have some of my worst and some of my best days in the next 15 years, and while I may not end up where I thought I would, I’ll know that it was somehow exactly where I am supposed to be. 

Here’s to 2031. And in the ultimate prediction, I’m sure I won’t believe it when you’re here. 

d x 


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