Graduate of 2016 šŸŽ“

I did it. I graduated. And I was even given a free t-shirt to mark the occasion, which I was a little more awkwardly excited about than the degree itself. 

The thirteen weeks of the semester somehow went by very quickly. I barely had the chance to memorise my student ID and poof, it was all over. I honestly feel like it was only yesterday that I was blogging about being my usual crazy self, and enrolling myself back at University. 

And yet here I am, graduate for the second time in my life, and perhaps admittedly a little proud that I somehow miracously survived full time Uni and full time work simultaneously. Not something I would recommend however, unless you enjoy the no sleep and no sunshine kind of life. 

But if you put aside the 44 page assignment for Nursing Assesment 7206 that did almost see a perfectly good laptop thrown out the media room window, I actually really enjoyed the course. 

It was different from my Bachelor Degree in that it was so much more specific to my job, and there was more relevance in it than you could poke a stick at. 

I was surprised with what I picked up by the end of it and threw into practice without realising it. It was like a whole new wealth of knowledge that wouldn’t grow dust in the far corners of my busy mind, because it’s like a building block on top of what I already know. And I love that. 

The reality of it is, that I did this degree mostly for the consideration of a CN position and the added bonus of a pay rise. But I have gotten from it so much more than that. And in my books (all hundred of them now), that makes those late nights surving solely on Drizzles Cookies and regrettably missed episodes of Greys Anatomy 100% worth it. 

So where to from here? Well it’s under my skin now this whole study thing, and I’m not the kind of girl to settle just for two graduations. That would just be too easy and we all know I’m a giant nerd at heart.

I’m thinking about kicking off next year with Bucket List item #2. But I’ll keep you posted on that one. 

For now, I’m going to throw my trencher up in the air and toast a well-earnt champagne! 

d x 


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