This month marks 5 months since a shiny new set of keys were placed in my hands, and I was officially made a home owner.

It has, so far, been quite the adventure.

I moved in over the Easter Weekend back in March, which was equal parts wonderful and horrible all wrapped into one. You see, there was plenty of helping hands since it happened to be a holiday weekend – but try convincing furniture companies that delivering your new bed and couch is a much better alternative than an Easter egg hunt and you might find yourself out of luck.

Suffice to say, I spent my first night camped out on the media room floor on a blow up mattress with a couch cushion for a pillow utterly smitten with my new little home.

In April, I was out to breakfast with my Mr when a couple of familiar faces in the form of my own best friend and her man surprised us with an early return home from Canada. The fact that we were in the middle of a restaurant didn’t stop me from chucking the knife and fork in hand dangerously to the seat beside me, and practically jumping onto my best friend in a river of happy tears. I had missed her immensely, and we spent the next 48 hours catching each other up on the 180 days we lived on separate sides of the world.

Naturally, having had the intent to live in Canada for forever more and having sold many of their belongings, these two had come home to no home at all. They had moved in by the end of April, and I scored two unexpected roommates.

So now there’s the four of us, and ‘family night’ has taken on a whole new meaning. But it’s one I’ve come to look forward to most.

May, June and July went past quickly from that point. And I had to do more ‘adulting’ through those months than I bargained for.

My list of skills now acquired include, but are not limited to:
– using a hammer to nail picture hooks to the wall, and high-fiving self for getting (most of) them centred on the wall.
– changing lightbulbs independently without a landlord to do so for me.
– figuring out how to change the spark plug on my mower (Thankyou YouTube).
– owning and using said mower in the first place.
– gardening. And I have the blisters to show for it.
– building ikea shelving without instructions, which is a whole lot of pieces of wood labeled ‘C’ and never quite enough ‘H’ screws.
– digging up the water meter that the builders not only concreted over, but additionally covered in turf ….with a plastic rake (creative genius if you ask me, even I was impressed with my own problem solving skills with that one).
– and; paying rates (ugh.)

By the end of July, I was even cooking roast lamb in the oven – which is a big step up from my former specialties, Macaroni Cheese and Porridge. And most excitedly, the inside of the house was finally finished and furnished.

With inside sorted, August has begun the month of outside jobs. Unfortunately, this is so far proving to be very difficult and even more costly. I have since decided the first point of landscaping business should have been to build a money tree.

But it’s all been a good learning curve, and I’ve loved every crooked screw I’ve drilled and every paint drop that’s ended up on my face instead of the timber fence.

I’ve even finally started to feel like this is home. It’s taken a while, but that new house smell is wearing off, and it’s finally starting to smell a little more vanilla-caramel instead – which honestly makes me equal parts happy and hungry. But I’m not complaining.

This is home. And it’s already filled with so much love, the warmest of hearts I know and a few too many marks on the wall that will always remind me that we lived well here.

d x


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