I saw a meme the other day about friends and how we make them. The small quotation had read “Friendships are weird. You just pick a human you’ve just met and you’re like ‘Yep I like this one’ and then you just do stuff with them…

It made me laugh as I realised that that is literally how friendships work. And I love that.

I was in grade nine when I met my best friend. We shared a love for ‘Nutty Ribbon Sandwiches’ and Carnival Skittles (which they don’t make anymore much to my devastation). And in any given hospitality class, you could find us at the back of the room usually eating whatever we were making when the teacher turned her back, or decorating our school diaries with highlighters and gossiping about our weekends.

Through the years of school that followed we bonded over sneaky trips in our lunch breaks to the bakery down the road for Garlic and Cheese Pull-aparts and venting about hospitality customers whose meals we would have liked to put a cockroach in (but never would have…) as we were both waitresses at the time.

Despite her having blonde hair and me having brunette – you could have easily mistaken us for being the same person. Eight years later, we’ve even become pretty great at reading each other’s mind. Sometimes we don’t even have to say a single thing, we’re just on the same wave length – but we’ll still find it weird when we text each other at the same moment.

Nowadays, we still love our food as much as we did in school and practically live at each other’s house most days of the year. It’s the kind of friendship where I know where the good treats are in her pantry and falling asleep on the couch ten minutes after arriving at her house is totally acceptable.

We have gotten each other through some pretty rough times and she’s someone I couldn’t have survived without. She’s ‘my person’ and the Greys Anatomy reference in that could not fit any better when describing what she means to me because we talk about that show as if it were real life.

It was even better when both our Mr’s became best friends about two years ago. We were so excited at the prospect of finally rolling out the double dates. It’s now become quite apparent that we have the same taste in even boyfriends – because the boys seem to talk more often than we do. But while they surf, we shop. And we’ve somehow all become the perfect combination.

Recently, my best friend and her Mr moved overseas. We spent weeks helping pack their little life into storage and organising things like bank accounts and phone numbers. They were so excited, and I tried to be too even though I was definitely not prepared for them to leave!

The day they flew out was a rainy one which suited how I felt perfectly. But I braved a smile and waved them off as far as I could see them past the Departure Gates.

It’s an odd feeling when such a huge part of your life isn’t just five minutes away but quite literally on the other side of the world instead. And I’m entirely grumpy at the fact that our timezones don’t match, making Skype dates very difficult.

I’m so used to having my best friend around that I feel very lonely without her. And there’s so many exciting things going on that I wish she could be here for – so I usually fill her inbox up with at least twenty photos and five novel-worthy messages every day.

She sent me a twelve page long hand written letter last week telling me how she was homesick and missed everything here immensely. I wanted to write back and tell her that I’m homesick too, but in the sense that she’s sort-of my home in many ways.

But in the middle of missing her there’s something I’ve come realise. Being homesick is almost like a small reminder that you are truly blessed. Blessed to have a home, to have people who love you, to have something so wonderful in your life that you could miss it by not being around it. And so while it’s definitely not socially acceptable to do so, I think I’ll continue to bring my best friend along to the sushi train via Skype and just know that we are lucky enough to be missing each other, because we are lucky enough to have each other in the first place.

Happy travels BF, I’ll see you when you get back!

d x


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