Back to school.

So today, I did a thing.

Something I suppose I knew I would always do eventually, but having done so now seems a little crazy of me.

Today I was offered a place to study ‘Advanced Practice in Nursing’ at a very prestigious university, and I accepted. I am officially going back to University – and I do believe this makes me slightly insane since I only really just escaped the treacherous grasps of textbooks and tutorials two years ago.

And before you ask about the relevancy of this course if I’m ultimately aspiring to be a doctor, let me enlighten you about my life choices. I applied to study this particular course at the end of last year for a few reasons and they are three-fold…

One: because it will essentially help me work less and earn the same income throughout Med School (if I get in!) and that would be a very wonderful perk to have up my sleeve. It’s like being able to Pack-a-punch my pay rate without actually changing positions (and yes that was a Call Of Duty reference – my Mr. would be so proud). It proper terms, I believe it is called ‘Accelerated Advancement’.
Two: because it means I’m eligible for consideration to be an actual Clinical Nurse (CN) if the position arises (which I would LOVE) and;
Three: because I’m crazy enough to think, “Hey I’ve got a year spare before applying to Med School, why not squeeze in an extra degree?”. I should really just tattoo the word overachiever on my forehead.

Granted it’s not a big degree, just one year in duration – but I plan to do it in six months because well, you know me – I always bite off more than I can chew. But haven’t regretted it so far, so why not take on a little challenge this year?

I’ll still be working full time, so it’s going to be definitely interesting adjusting back to sleepless nights and multitudes of journal articles that will most likely bury me alive. But I think it will be worth it. I’ve never been one to just settle, I’ve got that wriggly puppy syndrome and this seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge. So as crazy as I may sound, I think that heading back to university is exactly what I need.

Plus, the bonus is now I can study-buddy date with my Mr. at his uni library as he enters his second year of his Engineering Degree…which he’s definitely not as thrilled about as I clearly am. He likes to claim an overwhelming dread of spending so much extra time with me, but I know he’ll come round when I bring the snacks.

2016 is off with a bang, and it’s not only the little ones heading back to school this year. Wish me luck!

d x



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