It’s nice to be nice. 

What happened to the girl code?

Honestly, did it shrivel up and die? Fade away into oblivion? Or did we just collectively decide to let that set of unwritten rules gather dust somewhere in the back of our closets behind last years bad fashion choices?

Because I missed the memo completely.

Last time I checked, us girls – we were supposed to be this undeniable, yet indestructible force where no girl ever had to prove her worth because it was already known and respected. Apparently all that is something that should be framed in a museum labelled as ‘Ancient History’ these days.

At this point in time, I know three girls in particular who have barely ever spoken two words to me, yet have decided to hate me before they’ve met me. In fact, they haven’t just stopped at that decision.

They’ve hunted down my Mr. and batted eyelashes, regardless of the fact that he is in a relationship. I’ve watched these girls beg for his attention, and ask him repeatedly to come over, or take them out.

They’ve quite literally told my Mr. in various ways, that they feel sorry for him because he’s dating me and gone to lengths to bring a conversation round to discussing how “crazy” they think I am. And all for what? To attempt to convince him that they’re a better choice?

Now I’m not nearly perfect, and I couldn’t ever vouch for myself being the greatest person alive. But I’m not mean either. And generally speaking, I’m that smiley kind of girl who talks to anyone without judgement.

So naturally I really hate that someone could pass judgement on me so quickly when they don’t know me, and when I could never do the same to them.

Let alone put their opinion into someone else’s relationship because of who knows what reason. I mean, seriously? You know he’s dating me, you know he’s happy, so what are you really trying to achieve?

I don’t understand how the girl code (or just common courtesy in general) became extinct. And more to the point, how it has been replaced by opportunism and aggressive promiscuity.

Why deliberately try to ruin someone’s relationship based on the fact that you think you’re less of a head case?

I wouldn’t ever go after a guy in a relationship, so why would you? And if he’s doing the chasing behind your back, there’s no hesitation in how quick I cut that out. Because girl, we are supposed to be in this together, and I respect you enough to not meddle.

It makes me so mad that this is how girls are treating each other. Why is it honestly so hard to stop tearing each other down in the worst possible ways, or thinking that you deserve what someone else has?

Women should compliment each other. Too many girls think it’s a competition these days, and way too many girls have lost the respect they should have focussed on getting rather than the boy whose off limits.

Honestly, it’s nice to be nice. So a shout out to the girls who still smile and compliment each other.

Because there really aren’t enough of you out there anymore!

d x


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