Now that you’re up to date…

So there you have it! Forty posts later and I think that should just about have you all caught up with the most important parts of my story so far.

It’s been a big four years of blogging engraved with more change than I’ve ever known. And looking back at some of my earliest posts makes me realise just how far I’ve come.

This year (chapter twenty-two of my life story) has been about ‘the bucket list‘ in honour of a friend taken away from this world too soon. It’s been about living my little life as best as I can (like she always did), and achieving all that I’ve ever dreamed to do and aspired to be in this lifetime because life itself is fleeting and I now know that all to well.

The list is currently comprised of 54 endeavours, but it’s ever-growing. And I have already started crossing off some pretty big and brave things! (Look out for the #[number] posts)

This is the way I always want to live. And although ‘life she wrote’ has really only ever been a way to unclutter my very often cluttered mind (when I can’t cope, I write and it helps) –  I hope in some way, this little blog of mine from here on out inspires you to chase a happy heart too. Because everyone deserves to feel the warmth that happiness brings and have a life that could never ever be defined as dull.

So welcome to the new home of Life, She Wrote. Here we go!

d x


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