May 24th, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I did a little two hour road trip down south to visit my parents.

I do this trip often, and it can be a long journey without a packet of Snickers Pods or Krispy Kreme Donuts to keep the sugar levels up and the diabetes potential looming close by, but for the most part – I love it.

For me, there’s just something so therapeutic about driving. It’s like somehow my thoughts become organised and my heart feels void of any phantom aching the world could inflict upon it. I feel free. And I can’t quite put my finger on how it works exactly, but i just know I can without a doubt solve my greatest problems on the M1 highway.

Perhaps it’s the open road and the vast distance between me and my destination that somehow puts things into perspective. As if I am finally forced to notice the world around me and the thousands of people passing who undoubtedly are fighting personal battles all of their own. And I guess there’s an odd comfort found in knowing I’m not the only one to have ever been at war with myself.

When I finally arrived at my parents place – problems sorted and happy hearted – I lugged all my bags upstairs and fell onto the couch next to my Mum and Dad whose fascination with the movie channels on pay TV is yet to reach an expiry date.

After watching the end twenty minutes of a midday film that I still don’t entirely understand, we set off to do some exploring. An hour out from the hustle and bustle of the coastline, we stumbled across a bit of a hidden treasure.

The Natural Bridge (or arch) has long been on my bucket list as a place id love to visit. Tucked in the rainforest well off the beaten track nature becomes overwhelmingly spectacular.

The hike itself follows the path of a waterfall that magnificently cascades down through the deepest part of the forest, and flows over a cave which throughout the years has eroded to create what can only be described as a nature-made bridge.

It might not sound so breath taking right from the get-go, but trust me, when you find yourself looking up through the bottom of the cave to see the water falling above – you will be every little bit in awe as I was.

But what was even more wonderful about The Natural Bridge, were the little guys who called it home.

Attached to every inch of the bridge’s underside were tiny little Glow Worms, who as the sun fell, began to glow so fiercely it felt every bit as magical as a fairytale.

And I guess I really fell in love with the little glow worms from the moment I learned that they derive their ability to glow from a special process that turns body waste and oxygen into light.

And if you can get past the term ‘body waste’ and all it might entail, you can truly start to appreciate that these little guys are the expects in taking the bad and turning it into something worthy of admiration.

And I kind of think that’s pretty great on a metaphorical level.

Because as humans we don’t do all that well at taking the bad things that happen in our lives, and figure out a way to make it into something beautiful.

We forget how to glow so easily. We forget how to shine. We forget how to rise to the challenge of fighting back while we are too busy feeling defeated by the ‘bad’.

So I think we can learn a thing or two from the little ones whose job it is to shine brightly everyday.

In all honesty, the Natural Bridge is just not something you can capture in a picture. It’s something that needs to be appreciated by physically being there, enveloped in it’s own outrageous beauty. So I won’t say anything else other than to make it your next adventure.

Light up the world like a glow worm! (We really need to make that a saying.)

#45 – See the Glow Worms of Natural Bridge, Gold Coast : check!

d x


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