Work hard now.

November 26th, 2013

after waiting for what seemed very much like a painful and anxious eternity, i feel exhilarated to announce that….i got the job! the news came in a short voice-mail a few days ago as i sat in my car on the way to gym, and as i tried desperately to find a pen and piece of paper to write down the number to return the message on, i could feel my smile cement firmly into my cheeks.

with shaking hands, i managed to scribble the number down on the back of a cafe menu with a pink highlighter (it was ironically all i could manage to find in a bag that is usually well prepared with ten pens and notepads) and accepted the job immediately. this is everything i have spent the last three years working and hoping for – the crazy person jumping and screaming ‘I GOT THE JOB’ in the carpark was the proof.

i guess in this life we are all working towards things, and as many of you would know from experience nothing great ever came easy. for all those wonderful people out there waking up this morning with heavy shoulders wondering whether all the late nights, long essays or business meetings are worth it….can i just promise you that they are. and as much as it feels like the space between here and reaching your goals is similar to that of the distance between you and never – there will come a day where you will be grateful that you put in the hard work planting the seed so that you may sit under the shade of the most beautiful oak tree (yeah watch out, feeling metaphoric today).

in the excitement of it all, i have not forgotten the many hours spent in a seemingly permanent state of stress, worried that i would not achieve the dream i set out for three years ago. i have not forgotten feeling defeated by the large mound of textbooks that seemed to take up more of the living room than furniture. and i have not forgotten the many tears, hard work and effort that it took to get to where i am.

i am thankful for the resilience that brought me to this day where my future finally feels as if it is falling into place. and perhaps more importantly, i am excited that i now have a real job with trivial things like accurate pay checks and annual leave. welcome to the real world, me.

it really does feel like the end of an era. ive seen that posted a few times on facebook, or in a hashtag on instagram from friends who, like me, have graduated and scored themselves an all-too-important job. and i think theres much truth to it. from here on out, things are different. there are no more essays due at midnight every two weeks, no more inconvenient early morning lectures and no more christmas’ spent with microsoft word…(at least for the next little while – i could be contemplating another degree, but lets not get ahead of ourselves….one thing at a time).

without a doubt the challenges of this new chapter will rival the last. but i am ready, and willing. this is, after all, exactly the kind of oak tree i planted.

keep going, i promise you the horizon is not as far away as you think (courtesy of Jack’s Mannequin).

d x


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