Twenty twelve.

January 12th, 2012

twenty twelve has finally reached our doorsteps (i know im a little late on the update, but work has made me a very busy girl with so little time to endulge!)… i welcomed the new year in while busily clearing plates and taking midnight orders at the little restuarant upon the esplanade that i have worked at every day of my holidays – or at least it feels like it!

i snuck out for a couple of minutes to watch the fireworks light up the sky, sparkling brightly. and i couldnt help but silently think that this new year had come all too quick! it seems that time really does fly, and i realised more than ever the importance of making each day count.

so far, twenty twelve has brought one of the hottest summers ive ever known. on my much appreciated days off, you can find me beachside (or poolside for that matter) with a cold peach ice tea and a fashion magazine – or well-read novel – soaking up the sun. the mangoes are in abundance, and have recently become my morning wake up call. late night swims are almost a necessity after working six hours in the summer heat. and my skin is turning the brownest ive ever seen!

but perhaps my greatest new habit this summer are seven-elevens new flavour-of-summer slurpees. a lazy day at the beach just isnt complete without one!

as the slurpee team say – ‘Summer is the time for sun, sounds and sipping on a Slurpee’ and i couldnt agree more. so as the sun burns bright in the sky and we let the sand and salt cover our skin, dont forget to try the three new flavours of summer – ginger beer, lemon lime & bitters and orange mandarin & passionfruit! i promise you’ll be left wanting more.

enjoy being sun-kissed this summer.

d x


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