Through the eyes of a child.

January 30th, 2012

im the kind of girl who has more faith and trust in machines and rollercosters, than i do in people. i can fall and fly at a thousand miles per hour at a themepark or out of a plane – but when it comes to people, i fall short. my father has always told me that there mustnt be a bone of fear in body, and while that may be true – theres one muscle that lately, is not so fearless. my heart.

for those that have been hurt or broken, i know that this is a concept you will understand truely. and for those that havent…never loose your faith and trust in people, you are lucky. most days i like to think i see the good in people, rather than the bad. like a child does. when we’re younger, the world seems so big. it seems full of wonder and happiness. and on my worst days, i sometimes wish i could look through the eyes of a child to bring me the hope i crave.

ive come to understand that despite how we may try, we are not perfect. no amount of low carb diets, lemon detoxes or hair extensions can ever truely resolve our insercurities. i once read somewhere that ‘we come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly’. and i believe there is much truth in that.

we, as humans, make mistakes. our judgement falls short often, and we learn lessons the hard way.  but thats just it – the things we learn from our mistakes empower us to grow. for most of us (who dont succome to their stubborn side), once a mistake is made, it is never made again.

so heres my new years resolution (better late than never, right?) – this year in twenty twelve, i am going to throw caution to the wind and learn to trust people as much as i do rollercoasters. i am going to take people at face value and choose to believe the words they say. im not saying this is an easy decision to uphold, nor do i expect to wake up tomorrow morning a changed person. but i am hereby promising to do my very best. i believe that every one gets hurt in this lifetime, one way or another. but i also believe its how far you rise after a fall that defines who you are. if trust can be broken, i know somehow it can be fixed. and this year, im learning how.

d x


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