The to-do

January 28th, 2014

my feet have earned a well-deserved break this evening, and i feel no guilt in curling up on the couch with a packet of Salt & Vinegar chips (my favourite) as i wait for The Block to start on tv.

today has been a very busy day. it was after all my ‘errands day’. the list of decent size looked frightening when i wrote it this morning, but by some miracle i managed to tick each task off the giant list by 4:30pm this afternoon. talk about feeling accomplished or what!

after driving around for half an hour, picking up documents, signing for parcels at the post office, pulling an illegal u-turn to snake the best carpark, racing down the backstreets of a small well-known town, bumping into an old school-mate at the courthouse, listening to the old JP tell his life story in great detail in return for the stamping of one document, dropping off said document to my new boss getting quite intelligently lost on the way, driving back the other way for another half hour, strategically half-walking-half-running from shop to shop at the shopping centre, getting side-tracked by the gorgeous dress hanging in the shop window, giving into temptation and buying the dress before dragging myself to a little cozy bar on the corner of Ocean Street to half-sit-half-die on the leather couch surrounded by cushions, cold drink in hand.

i think i gave myself a ten minute breather before getting out the diary and making the necessary phone calls to ensure a smoooooooth move into the new apartment this coming Friday and patting myself on the back for my own survival.

in all honestly, i feel really quite successful and seriously think i would have made a brilliant P.A for someone. but then i remember the feet, the blisters and the ache… and i scratch that idea.

i know i always complain about needing a holiday – most people feel that way too i guess. but i realised today that as much as i hate to admit it – being busy is my thing. i feel better when im busy, i love ticking things off lists and infact, i just know i’d be bored otherwise! i think its that sense of accomplishment that i love most of all, and quite frankly, it makes me feel like ive used the day well.

so, ive decided not to complain anymore about being busy, or wishing for a holiday because its become apparent to me today that i would be a fraud if i do!

from here on out, im learning to love the busy girl that i am. shes here to stay, and getting things done!

d x


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