The moment when it all changed.

February 4th, 2014

its been a big couple of days. in all honesty, im actually quite surprised at how much can be accomplished in four days given a hurried circumstance.

on friday i packed my small life up into fourteen boxes, seven bags and three car trips – and trust me, by the end of the day it no longer felt like a ‘small‘ life that i had carted four blocks down the road! it was perhaps one of the most stressful days of my entire life thus far, and for those who have also recently experienced the devil’s own personal torture that is moving, im sure you will relate when i say… never again. its one of those things that no matter how traumatic it has been, you somehow need less than approximately 6 months to magically forget the ordeal of it all before you go do it all over again…like childbirth. moving is like childbirth. except its painful for everyone involved and probably in that sense, makes moving a little better than childbirth because it’s not just the one person doing all the hard work. well that’s my opinion anyway.

by lunchtime i was losing my mind. the bond cleaner had arrived just shy of us moving the last few things out of the old apartment and was more cranky about that, than i was about moving the entire contents of that apartment out at 6am that morning. it took all the kindness i had left to smile and offer her two beers in exchange for her silence on the matter…if that had not of worked, i was realistically afraid i might have thrown her out the window. after tucking the last few things into any visible spaces left in an already very full moving van, i raced over to the new apartment to await the delivery of a fridge. to be honest, the delivery of the fridge was in fact the easiest thing about my day. the intercom buzzed, i let the delivery guy in, he put the fridge in place, plugged it in, and POOF, in the space of five minutes – i had a fridge. but, footnote* – when obtaining measurements for a fridge, do not make the rookie error of measuring from wall to wall…measure from skirting board to skirting board- just FYI.

the rest of the afternoon was spent tackling the seven flat packs that arrived from IKEA… and i still cant believe the intelligence that fit an entire couch in three boxes. we gave up at 9pm, made a toasted cheese and ham sandwich and dragged ourselves into bed. when the alarm went off at 6am the next morning, i was in no way recharged for the day ahead!

by 6.30am on saturday morning i was dressed, half-awake and in the car on my way to work at the cafe for the last time. i dont mind morning shifts, they go quickly and working at a cafe with coffee-addicts-alike, there is no judgement on how many coffees you consume in the space of three hours. vanilla lattes were my cure. it wasnt a hard day, customers were nice and the regulars wished me all the best for the future. but this ‘future’ business really didnt set in until i turned off the light and locked the doors for the last time. i took a moment to say goodbye to the little cafe i love, before heading back to the apartment to put together a bed.

im not one to brag, but by lunchtime on sunday, i had single-handedly put together three entire flat-packs by myself. it wasnt an easy task, you had to use things like hammers, and screwdrivers with names like a “Phillips Head” (which is the one that looks like a pretty four pointed star!)…but i did it. by sunday afternoon, the apartment was complete. no more boxes to unpack, flat-packs to construct or bag to empty, and i felt the happiness slowly returning and sinking in. it was home and i knew right then i was going to be very happy living here!

as i watched the sunset sink behind the skyline at Point Cartwright on a red picnic rug, i let myself relax…for the first time in a long time.

monday. the big day had finally arrived. the first day of the new job. my first day as a nurse. and i was struggling to keep my eyes open which didnt seem promising. i liked the nurses uniform a lot. it had to be one of the most comfortable outfits i own, but whats more than that, is that it makes you feel important, successful even. it was a good feeling.

monday was a long day, full of paperwork and organizing and by the time it came to handover my patients, i was very ready to climb into bed. it wasnt a perfect day, and i wasnt perfect. but im not meant to be and they dont expect me to be either. i have something to aspire to and i know that it will take time to reach my goals. but as first days go… i think mine was pretty fantastic. and i love being a nurse.

four days ago, i lived in a small apartment four blocks away and was a barista at busy cafe. i didnt own a couch or a fridge, and i had never had to build shelves or coffee tables before. in life there are moments you look back on and realize they were the moments in your life when it all changed. you can emotionally and physically see where one chapter finished an another was started. and often we race through these moments not realizing the significance of them. in the midst of the last four days outside a little cafe waving goodbye, i started a new chapter. it was the moment when everything changed, and there is something privileged about being able to acknowledge that. i havent always been a fan of change, but this new chapter seems to fit me better than the last and im not afraid of what comes next.

…but i will never forget the girl standing outside the cafe doors taking one last peak into her history, and everything she was.

d x


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