The difference between friendships and cheese burgers – a life lesson.

March 30th, 2014

recently i have discovered that true friends are hard to come by in this life.

im someone who puts a lot into a friendship, but am finding out the very hard way that sometimes the people who you regard as friends would no sooner throw you under a bus to save their own life.

i guess its a life lesson that you come to learn, but that doesnt make it less painful when you realise a friend you thought was true, really isnt.

or even when you stand back and realise that amongst the hundred and twenty five ‘friends’ you have, there are few to none who you could classify as a true friend.

i have just spent the last two weekends away at the Gold Coast for two different friends birthdays – a luxury i know! i soaked up every minute of having such an extravagant amount of weekends off! but what i came to see was a vast difference between the friendships i had with these two people, and realised that one of them was not worth having anymore.

having had one horrible weekend, and one amazing – i soon realised that i deserve more from a friendship. the contrast between the two celebrations were huge. and i feel like at the age of 21, i finally have figured out what it is that i want in a friendship…and it definitely does not include taking 2,08439 selfies alone on a balcony while i sit there waiting for you to spend human time with me.

and by no means do i intend to cut anyone out of my life that i dont consider a true friend, but i now know the difference between the people i could call at 3am in the morning with my problems, and those who would classify a cheeseburger as being a bigger priority in life than me.

i dont necessarily think you need to have 1.23 billion true friends – it would be exhausting. but i think if you find someone who is worth having in your life, you need to hang onto that. dont let go of the people who make an effort to make you feel good, or go to extreme lengths to make sure youre okay. those friends who sweet-talk a hotel receeption into illegally allowing them early access to a room just so they can deck it out with banners, balloons and tiffany & co. cupcakes too boot all to surprise you when you arrive…THOSE are the friends you want to keep. (plus lets be honest…you would have me at tiffany & co. cupcakes).

life is too short to waste time on the people who would not return the kind of self-less friendship you offer to them.

making friends is easy. building a friendship worth more than diamonds is rare, but its out there – so please dont let yourself settle for anything else. i know i wont be anymore.

and just when you thought friendship drama was for highschool…

keep your head up, your heart guarded and find what it is you deserve in a friendship. and im entirely sure it begins with cupcakes.

d x


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