The countdown is on.

January 26th, 2014

T minus 1 week until the big first day of the new job. the countdown is on and creeping up quickly.

i spent the whole of friday in an orientation day – the second of four orientation day might i add and well quite honestly, there is nothing that shouts “here comes the grandiose responsibility” more than four days of intensive orientation. never-the-less, i am feeling like i am finally starting to get everything in order.

since my last hysterically positioned post, i have sorted out my roster…well almost. it may have meant that my big boss had to enter a very highly tempered discussion with my little boss, which in turn doesn’t make me the favourite graduate nurse right off the bat. but it’s a little battle im willing to deal with if it means i am cleared off work for the forth orientation day which was essential to sustaining my position there (and as it turns out, it wasn’t my fault – the little boss was emailed multiple times about ensuring all grads had the day off which made me feel a little less awful about the situation).

as for the dates i had hoped to get off for my birthday…well i had to make a little personal compromise. i managed to switch one of the dates with another graduate nurse, but unfortunately it does still mean i need to be at work bright, early and sober at 6am the following morning after my 21st party. im not really complaining though, in the big scheme of things – i still get to actually be at my birthday, AND i wouldn’t be giving up this job for the world. as strange as the words seem coming out of my mouth, it is the truth when i say that my job is much more important than my birthday could ever be (also, i figure i have about 50 more birthdays to be far more selfish about!).

i think sometimes you just have to prioritize what’s truthfully and more than that, whats fundamentally more important. yes, i was looking forward to wearing the pink sash that brightly displays my age out on the town with the girls – but i have worked hard for the last three years to obtain this job and i would be silly to throw that opportunity away by being, quite frankly, a nuisance trying to rearrange the roster around my life. because life doesn’t work like that. where do you think the term “you cant have your cake and eat it too” was coined from? ill tell you, from the hundreds of people who have discovered over the years that you just cant have everything youve ever dreamed of, otherwise you would probably be deliberately run over before the age of 21 and not even have a birthday party to be rostered on for anyway.

the moral of the story i guess, is to let life steer you where it may. things do happen for a reason, im a firm believer in that. so you just have to let the good and bad take place, and simply do your best to work around it. if you take a moment to see the priority in a situation and allow yourself to make compromises – i feel like that will get you further in the long run.

how you handle the challenges in your life, defines who you are as a person. it says a lot more about you than anyone could say in a toast at your 21st!

d x


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