Santa had the right idea.

December 4th, 2011

ah, sweet december. the one month each year that covers the world in brightly sparkling fairylights, multitudes of tinsle and a thousand different Santa’s all dressed accordingly in red velvet and white beards . i for one stand firmly on the affirmative team for christmas. i could even quite honestly say i like it more than my birthday.

i once adimately announced to my class that i could smell christmas, and granted that i never did mention this aloud again, i still believe it to be both entirely possible and true (stay with me on this one). to me, christmas smells like a box of twenty mangoes, gardenia’s sitting in a vase on the dining room table, brightly coloured wrapping paper and family dinners. its a smell that reminds me each year how special christmas has always been for me and i cant help but feel like a little kid again, excitedly counting down the sleeps until the big day arrives.

take a deep breath in…

i think that christmas has its own unique smell for each person (whether you notice it or not!) that ignites a happy feeling we call the ‘christmas cheer’. it creates a special kind of magic that brings families and friends together, near or far, just to enjoy one day in the company of the ones we love most. a magic that lets us give without expecting in return anything more than a smile and a thankyou hug.

in fact, i have never seen a world spend more selflessly than i do at christmas. i was at the shopping centre today and found that in december there are three rules when it comes to shopping:

1. dont stop moving – you will get trampled.
2. dont sport a big handbag as almost everyone you pass will knock it, and;
3. never try to take on a mother with a pram – she has four wheels more than you do.

yet while i stood in line to buy lunch with my man, i couldnt help but realise that each and every person busily scattering back and forth  around me, was here to buy something special for somebody else.  i found it funny how we can struggle to part ways with forty dollars for petrol, yet gladly spend thousands on presents for others. it was one of those ‘maybe the world isnt so bad’ kind of moments and it made me smile.

christmas is a time of giving – that above all else is true. theres something about watching a persons face light up or a smile play at their lips when they unravel your carefully wrapped present, that makes giving the best part. their delight, well its rewarding…because you were the cause and reason.

d x


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