Remember when you were little?

November 9th, 2011

eighteen years goes by faster than you think, what seemed like one year somehow magically multiplied while i wasnt watching. i mean, once upon a time, the biggest problem in life was the fat kid in the playground stealing my swing. and as time went on, that playground problem slowly changed from fighting with Tuesday’s best friend, to surviving a broken heart, to making the decisions for a future.

i was born in february – so naturally im a summer baby. my mother always tells me about her endurance through a six hour labour while my father happily munched down a chicken burger and called it ‘being supportive’. she tells me stories about the way i used to climb up on our two-step brick letterbox and sing into the end of the hose. or the time i disappeared in the supermarket, only to find me two aisles over filling a trolley with groceries of my own. this was all before i turned three – i got even cheekier after that.

sometimes i think i would have liked to have stayed little forever. i mean, the kids table at christmas kicked the adults table’s butt ten times over! but i realise now, that growing up has its benefits too and if we didnt grow up, well it’d really just be unnatural more than anything else. grandads place is not in the sandpit making sandcastles…

anyway – what started this train of thought in the first place was a YouTube video i found about how important halloween candy really is to the miniture generation. You can watch it by clicking here – and i guarantee you’ll feel inspired about the fun things grown-ups can do, or at the very least, i promise it will make you smile!

this is their ‘big kid in the playground stealing their swing’ moment!

d x


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