Mr. Max Brenner.

March 23rd, 2012

ever had one of those days where you life feels alarmingly close to ‘a series of unfortunate events’?

you know, the ones where the alarm on your phone magically fails to awake you as it was previously instructed to do the night before, you put your shirt on inside out because half-asleep-you thinks the tag on the outside is ridiculously fashionable, theres no milk left for your cereal, the whole world decides to travel the same route as you to work at an incredibally slow speed, green lights are strictly forbidden, you jam your hand in a desk drawer twice because the first time didnt hurt enough, your computer has a worse day than you and decides to go to sleep indefinately… and after all that, you realise you had a piece of lunch stuck in your teeth all day and nobody told you.

well thats when they say that chocolate can fix anything, except the waistline of course, and if your day was anything like above i believe strongly that youre entitled to as much as you want! the truth of the matter is we deliberately take a left at the intersection on our way home by passing the grocery store on the corner of main and churchill, because it somehow makes us feel better. chocolate is the ultimate feel good food. and boys, let me just tell you now – the easiest way to win my heart is wrapped in gold alfoil and filled with hazelnut praline.

but without further ado, as ive rambled on long enough…ladies and gentlemen, i give you the greatest chocolate cure to a bad day. his name is max brenner.

a couple of days ago, as a belated birthday present, a friend took me for an adventure in the city. and i can tell you quite honestly, i couldnt have looked more like a tourist with wide eyes and the urge to take a photo of just about anything. as it turns out, being a surburban girl all my life really didnt do me justice. after spending over an hour trying to find a place to park the car without attracting a fine the size of a small house, we found a little parking lot out the back of a train station and decided to walk the rest of the way.

we eventually arrived at the door of a cafe tucked away on a small street corner. displayed proudly upon the door were the two words that have since stolen my heart. max brenner.

as we opened the door and stepped inside, just missing a downpour of rain, the smell of chocolate enveloped us. it was pure heaven. a place where nothing is served without being generously dipped in chocolate first. in fact, ten chocolate dipped strawberries and a chocolate covered waffle later, i had every intent on never leaving this place. and mainly because i was entirely sure i would have to roll all the way back to the car. as i sat there in the back booth watching the rain fall with my friend, i realised that there was nothing in this world that could be so bad that chocolate and a friend could help mend. i had discovered the comfort offered by both.

when the rain finally subsided, we caught a ‘greencab’ back to the other side of the city. and while i sat there in the back of a bicycle-wheeled carriage watching the city pass me by, i couldnt help but feel like conquering the world wasnt far out of my reach. with the diafrix blaring loudly through the speakers and a tummy full of chocolate, i felt content knowing that my bad days will never be as bad again.

so the next time your day starts without an alarm and the tag inside-out, dont forget to visit max brenner. he’s pure magic when it comes to making you feel better!

d x


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