Hello World!

November 9th, 2011

i’m sitting here on the almost edge of my bed (a little too sunburnt from today and therefore smelling strongly of strawberry body lotion in the attempt to ease the burn…) thinking about how to dive into my first public confession and ive decided to go with this…

in all honesty, my life has only just begun. having not even made it to the big 21 yet, i dont have all that much experience of life outside highschool dramas and rebellous teen years. but i will say one thing, you dont have to be 21 before you experience the whirlwinds life can put you though. i mean life is something that has been defined about a thousand different ways – like a box of chocolates, like a rollercoaster, like a playground, google it and the list is endless – but im here just to live it and deal with those whirlwinds in the best way i can.

some days are easier than others, that much is true – but i like to think if i try hard enough i can find something worthwhile in each day that makes all the bad stuff disappear (or gives me the superpower to selectively ignore it at least). and i hope to share with you these little things along the way that make the biggest difference in my days.

because lets face it – people like you better when you smile!

d x


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