November 26th, 2011

expectations – are they really the root of all disappointment? see, i tend to think that sometimes its not expectations that are our worst enemy. not by a long shot! in fact, i think most of the time, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to life. they say to ‘hope for the best, expect the worst’ and while that theory may hold some truth in avoiding disappointment, i believe the’ worst’ should never fall far from the ‘best’.

what i mean by that is…

someone once told me that in life, you can only get out as much as you put in. and if you really think about it, its a universal truth.
-put ten dollars into a money box, you now have enough to buy coffee and bagel
-study every lecture note of a thirteen week course, you can be guaranteed to know thirteen weeks of information
-work three hours, smile at the newest sixty dollar addition to your bank account

so taking this concept and throwing it back into line with hoping for the best and expecting the worst…. if you can be almost guaranteed that as much as you put into something will be equally as much as you get out – the ‘worst’ is dictated by you and only you. not the world, not life, but little old you! write a high distinction worth essay and the ‘worst’ you can expect is, of course, a high distinction. anything more is a bonus for your hard work and effort.

when you expect the ‘worst’, what you are expecting should be your goal and aim, or simply the love you gave in return. nothing less.

and when your rainbows dont exactly taste as sweet as Skittles, well just be proud you made it through the storm.

d x


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