Embrace change, embrace life

August 28th, 2014

what a big two months it has been since my last post. well for me at least, it has been. and maybe I’ll claim it as my necessary bloggers excuse for not posting anything since June, but in the big scheme of things, I honestly doubt you will have missed me at all! change seems to have been the theme, keeping in sync with the seasons I suppose.

July started off with a bang. my Mr. was admitted into hospital on the 1st and was held captive there for two surgeries, multiple MRI’s and a total of two weeks before being allowed home again. If you remember back in my last post, he had just been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and an episode of sepsis seemed to follow quite quickly in succession landing him a bed in hospital surrounded by three other patients triple his age and accompanied with quirks that would make anyone want to scream. he survived, and I spent many of my lunch breaks sneaking up to his ward with custard and biscuits to ease the pain. It was the longest and loneliest two weeks of my life – a huge change from what I have been used to, and I made exceptional friends with the nursing staff on his ward which won me an extra two hour stay after visiting times. I can’t begin to express how good it is to have him back in one piece right now!

half way through July, my little car got fixed. looks brand new, and even more surprisingly upgraded badges in the fixing process. instead of a shiny little XL, he’s now changed to a shiny little GL – obviously a mistake on the panel beaters be-half, but one I’m not complaining about. we can just pretend that my car’s a 1.5L instead of 1.3L from here-on-out, vroom!

and by the end of July, I’d lost a friend, heard that another had broken her leg severely in the cold down south and celebrated as two more turned twenty-one.

August began with one week off from work, and boy did I make use of that week. my hair and nails got some much needed attention, I climbed a mountain – almost died doing so, went strawberry picking (my favourite), played mini-golf – scored at least one hole-in-one to level out my other 50 above par shots, and of course… shopping with the generous tax return I know will never ever come my way again. It was a good week. but as all good things come to an end, I returned to seven days straight at work – and more depressingly, the last seven days before transferring to my new ward for the next 6 months. they threw me a goodbye morning tea on the last Sunday, and I swear it was the shortest shift there ever has been. I was saying goodbye and handing back my locker key before I knew it.

I started on the new ward on the 18th. it’s a medical ward this time – part of my contract is to spend six months on both types of wards. and it’s a BIG change.

to be quite honest with you, I don’t think im a medical nurse. the busyness and rush of it all down on surgical is something I love… and I miss it up here. the patients are older on this ward and bless their little cotton socks, but they aren’t quite as interesting as my surgical patients. they go to bed at 7pm and bam, that’s it. I find myself staring at protocols for the next two and half hours of my shift!

my biggest challenge is learning to look at this in a positive light. the ward is different, and the people are different, and they do things different ways than how im used to. and it is so easy to be grumpy at all these factors because the reality is that I walked into this ward biased towards surgical.

medical isn’t horrible, its just not for me. but that doesn’t mean I don’t have plenty to absorb and learn in the next six months. its good to try things and get to know what is and isn’t for you. it’s good to have change and experience the things you haven’t before. Its what shapes us.

and collectively as humans, we have to stop viewing change as a bad thing. we grumble about change as if it’s the worst thing to happen, then find after a while it becomes a new normality that we accept… only to grumble yet again when that new (once begrudged) normality is altered. humans seriously aren’t making a case for themselves as the brightest organisms to roam this planet. i often think animals have this world figured out far better than what we have.

but never-the-less, we just need to learn to embrace change – to embrace life. it’s not all that horrible if you choose to see it as an opportunity. don’t you want to be the sort of old person who goes to sleep at 7pm religiously each night, but can tell a thousand and one stories about the various things you accomplished and did in your cotton sock lifetime? I do. and I will be. im learning not to be afraid of the new. just because it isn’t the same as the old, doesn’t mean it will forever rob you of your happiness.

ive often heard it recited that that greatest adventure lies ahead… but I kind of think that the adventure we live in at this moment can be just as great if we try really hard to see what shines rather than what tarnishes.

hashtag – change the way you think.

d x


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