Caffeine Addiction

November 12th, 2011

my love affair with coffee started quite a few years ago on a cold winter morning at a three day festival. having woken up seemingly before the rest of the world, a friend and i had set off in search of something to eat, and discovered a small coffee shop stall instead. i can’t remember the name of the place, though i can still remember its smell vividly. it was the kind of smell that says ‘you’ve found heaven in cup’ and well how could anyone say no to that?….a catchup with old friends has held hands tightly with a white chocolate mocha ever since!

in fact, i cant think of a better pick-up on a bad day than a coffee. add a little sugar if your the owner of a sweet tooth and let the caffine rush carry you through until home time. and just in case you need a little more proof – i did a little research…


1. coffee protects the heart
studies have shown that regular coffee drinkers reduce their risk of a heart attack due to the large amounts of antioxidants found in coffee. say goodbye to blueberries on your cereal and say hello to a generous serving of coffee each morning. plus, while caffine initally speeds up your heartbeat and raises your blood pressure – studies of the long term affects show that the antioxidants help to widen blood vessels, reducing the chance of blood clots!

2. coffee gives you brain power
drinking coffee at least once a day reduces the risk of developing dementia, Alzheimers disease and even Parkinson’s disease. again, its those hard working antioxidants we have to thank for protecting brain cells against damage.

3. coffee acts like a panadol
scientists believe that coffee helps prevent headaches, even those nasty migraines that make life difficult. while they arent entirely sure of how coffee works its magic in every aspect, they believe that its coffee’s ability to constrict blood vessels relieving the brain of pressure and thus, headaches.

4. coffee helps the waistline
oh yes, now you can feel even better about your daily coffee girls, as research has shown that coffee is a great way to naturally speed up your metabolism. the higher your metabolism, the better it is for the all important waistline so it turns out!

so there you have it. coffee – saving the world one Starbucks customer at a time!

d x


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