Another man’s treasure.

January 15th, 2012

when i was a little girl i would always make sure that a stay at grandmas house included a saturday. in fact, when i think about it – the excitement i felt on a saturday morning back then at grandmas was about the same as christmas day. my little brother and i would patiently wait in our rooms watching every minute until seven, before racing down the hall (at exactly seven!) and jumping into grandma and grandads bed. the poor little double bed barely had enough room to fit the four of us in, but we squished in regardless. we would search through the pages of the morning newspaper and find the garage sales page right at the back, hidden between car sales and puppy giveaways. grandma would circle the ones we wanted to go to and we would set off in the car on a morning garage sale hunt, bringing a small mcdonalds breakfast feast home with us afterwards.

for the next week after that, our new two dollar treasures were the best thing (easily pleased i know). and if we were lucky, sometimes we’d stay just long enough to do it all over the following saturday. it was nothing short of bliss for eight year old me.

ten years later, a lot has changed. i mean my treasures these days cost a little more than two dollars, but i will admit that i still hold a secret excitement for garage sale hunting. yesterday i finally got the chance to go, and it was the kickstart to my morning that made me smile the whole day through. a friend and i spent the better half of our day amoungst the throw-aways of other people. granted that there was plenty of things that i did not dare touch, objects which made no sense in their exsistence and pieces of furniture that were well overdue for a trip to the dump….but there were many hidden treasures burried in almost every tiny town garage. the type of treasures that take you for a stroll down memory lane causing you to laugh out loud before adimately re-telling the many stories of ‘i remember having one of these…’

and if there is one thing i know, garage sale hunting is worth every minute. its almost an adventure, and with the thousands of weird and wonderful collections people once loved out on street display- well lets just say, at the very least, you’re guaranteed to be stiffling a laugh as you whisper under your breath to a friend, “would you still hang out with me if i wore this?”

next saturday – set your alarm for sunrise and have an adventure. you wont regret it…you may even come home with more than hashbrowns and an orange juice.

d x


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