A year in reflection.

September 12th, 2013

i took a rather large vacation from the world of bloggers recently, and feel a little dysloyal having been M.I.A for the better part of a year. i could say that life simply got too busy, but that would be a cliche excuse and quite honestly i probably could have (and should have) found time to write this life story of mine!

a year on, theres a lot thats changed. it seems that 365 days can fix broken hearts, and set you en route to a place they like to call ‘maturity’. that is not to say i’ve transgressed into the world of earl grey teas and keeping up with the politics – its all far too serious for me, i lose interest and consequently have little insight on who to vote for each year. no. i’m still very much in my youth and very much in love with sweet wine and greys anatomy. but if i were to look at myself a year ago, i would have cringed a little at the teenage version of me and wondered how i ever did make it this far…

i suppose the value in reflection is the vote of confidence you can place in yourself for having not let your battles ever get the better of you – that, and the all-too-important acknowledgement that you are the master of your own destiny (i’m one for the cliches today).

at the young age of twenty-something, i’ll soon be joining the real world with a shiny new degree in the back pocket and hopefully a job to go with it. at the moment, my life is very much centred around three small assessment pieces, work experience and an interview worth travelling interstate for. there is about three months standing between my chaotic weekly schedules and the life ive spent three years working hard for. and i am thoroughly looking forward to throwing my graduate hat up in the air and knowing it has all been worth giving up a social life and copious amounts of sleep for!

a year on from last, i guess it all comes down to the proud fact that i never gave up – and trust me, giving up has been high on my priorty list a number of times, so it wasn’t an easy battle i fought. its a strength brought out of detirmination to finish what was started and it feels out-of-this-world to have conquered.

now, to share my profound knowledge…. for those who have ‘giving up’ as number one on the to do list, hang in there. the picture above is for you – print it out and stick it on the fridge, or wherever it may serve its purpose. no matter what it is that is making you want to give up and climb back into bed for the rest of the day, there is always a reason to keep going because you never know just how close you are to succeeding. whats worth the fight, is always hard work – just promise me you won’t let it get the better of you.

d x


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